September 4, 2015

Two years ago, I wrote an article outlining how to output a list of mobile devices that are currently synced to your corporate Exchange server via Exchange ActiveSync. While this method provides you with a very good list of devices that have been synced to your Exchange server, it doesn't quite differentiate on the different Apple products in enough detail.

Running the following script, outlined in the previously discussed article, will give you DeviceModel results such as "iPad2C4" or even "iPhone7C2." If you are trying to determine the particular Apple product's model information, this doesn't quite give you what you are after.

Get-ActiveSyncDevice | Select-Object DeviceModel,FriendlyName,DeviceOS,UserDisplayName | Sort-Object DeviceModel | Export-CSV -Path C:\ActiveSync-Devices.csv -NoTypeInformation

Thankfully, there is a way to determine the actual device information using these semi-cryptic names. Using the below table, you could easily craft a Formula within Excel that would provide you with the detailed device description using what was contained within the PowerShell script ran against your Exchange server.

User-Agent Prefix
Apple Product Information
iPhone iPhone, 3G or 3GS with iOS 3.x
iPhone1C2 iPhone 3G with iOS 4.x
iPhone2C1 iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.x
iPhone3C1 iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone3C2 iPhone 4 GSM
iPhone3C3 iPhone 4 CDMA
iPhone4C1 iPhone 4S
iPhone5C1 iPhone 5 GSM
iPhone5C2 iPhone 5 CDMA
iPhone5C3 iPhone 5C GSM
iPhone5C4 iPhone 5C CDMA
iPhone6C1 iPhone 5S GSM
iPhone6C2 iPhone 5S CDMA
iPhone7C1 iPhone 6+ CDMA
iPhone7C2 iPhone 6 CDMA
iPod iPod touch 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation with iOS 3.x
iPod2C1 iPod touch 2nd generation with iOS 4.x
iPod3C1 iPod touch 3rd generation with iOS 4.x
iPod4C1 iPod touch 4th generation
iPod5C1 iPod touch 5th generation
iPad iPad with iOS 3.2.x
iPad1C1 iPad with iOS 4.2.x
iPad2C1 iPad 2 WiFi
iPad2C2 iPad 2 WiFi + 3G GSM
iPad2C3 iPad 2 WiFi + 3G CDMA
iPad2C4 iPad Mini - WIFI
iPad2C5 iPad Mini - WIFI + LTE
iPad3C1 iPad (3rd generation) WiFi
iPad3C2 iPad (3rd generation) WiFi + 4G Verizon / International
iPad3C3 iPad (3rd generation) WiFi + 4G AT&T / International
iPad3C4 iPad (4th Gen, WiFi Only)
iPad3C5 iPad (4th Gen, GSM, NA LTE)
iPad3C6 iPad (4th Gen, CDMA, LTE)
iPad4C1 iPad Air - WiFi
iPad4C2 iPad Air - WiFi + LTE
iPad4C4 iPad Mini with Retina Display - WIFI
iPad4C5 iPad Mini with Retina Display - WIFI + LTE

Just as an example, I created an Excel Formula to automate this process for me. In order to use the formula, I manually created a new column within the original output from Exchange (Column B), which this formula will be pasted into. I then added a new tab within the document to contain the above table's data. Tab 1, which was the original output, was named "ActiveSync-Devices" and the new tab was named "iOS Strings."

=INDEX('iOS Strings'!B:B,MATCH('ActiveSync-Devices'!A2,'iOS Strings'!A:A, 0))

Using this process, you will be able to expand upon the original PowerShell script in order to obtain further details upon the mobile devices connected to your Exchange ActiveSync.


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