June 12, 2015

In the past I have explained how to setup an SAP Installation Server, and later how to configure your first package for deployment. Today, we are going to quickly go through the steps of upgrading your SAP Installation Server with the most recent SAPGUI version. Typically, you would want to do this after you have tested the latest version yourself, and have verified that it works well in your environment. Keep in mind that once SAP has released a new version of SAPGUI, they will provide customers with an "End of Life" for support on older versions.

Upgrading your SAP Installation Server is a very simple process, and can be done in a very short amount of time.

PREREQUISITE. Download the Necessary Files
1. Log into the SAP Software Download Center. This will require that you have an SAP S-ID.
2. Navigate to the Installation and Upgrades -> My Company's Application Components -> My Company's Software -> SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS -> SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS 7.40 CORE -> Installation
3. Download and extract the file using the Download Basket.

Now that you have the latest SAPGUI version downloaded to your SAP Installation Server, you will need to navigate within the extracted folder to PRES1 -> GUI -> WINDOWS -> WIN32 -> Setup. From this directory, you will need to execute the file NwUpdateInstServer.exe. You may need to right-click the file, and select Run as administrator in order to ensure a proper installation.

Executing the NwUpdateInstServer.exe application to begin the upgrade.

Once the initial splash screen appears, you will need to click "Next" in order to begin the upgrade process.

The upgrade has begun!

You will now need to provide the path of SAP Installation Server that you have installed already. Once you have done so, the upgrade application will need to verify that the SAP Installation Server path is correct. Click "Verify" in order to begin this process, and continue with the upgrade.

The correct SAP Installation Server path has been selected.

Within a short amount of time, you should see the final screen. Your upgrade is complete!

The upgrade is now complete.

As a final step, you might want to go ahead and open up the SAP Installation Server Administration application in order to verify that everything has been upgraded to the latest SAPGUI version. If you have forgotten where this is located, you can navigate to the shared directory used during the initial installation and then to Setup -> NwSapSetupAdmin.exe.

Confirming that everything upgraded successfully.

The SAP Installation Server Administration utility itself will still function just as it did before, but you will now be able to deploy and upgrade your users to the latest SAPGUI version.
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