December 18, 2012

It's been AGES since my last update on here. So what's changed? I now hold the job title of "Security Administrator." I've advanced in my knowledge of Windows Server 2003/2008, Active Directory (GPOs, etc.), Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010, Microsoft SQL Server, PowerShell, and MANY other IT and InfoSec subjects.

My most recent endeavors have involved SAP, the German-based Business Suite. Today's task: Begin my first foray into SAP's proprietary programming language known as ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming).

Why would I want to do this?
Well, I already wear the SAP Basis & Security hats, so why not add another one to the mix?

My first program is a spin-off on the traditional "Hello, World!" with an addition of User Input plus System Variable Output (read: system time).

REPORT zptb00_hello_world.
p_frstnm(15) TYPE c. "Prompts for Name"

WRITE: / 'Hello', p_frstnm, ', it is currently', 41 sy-uzeit, 'CST'.
WRITE / 'Clearly, ABAP is not voodoo.'.
WRITE 'And is easy peasy.'.

Prompting for my Name:

Final Output:
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