January 21, 2013

Like so many SAP transactions, VA05 provides users with the ability to change the current layout of the list they are viewing. The only issue? The option to save the layout is "grayed out" by default.

Note: The above image reflects the available options even if the user has SAP_ALL, SAP_NEW, or access to S_ALV_LAYO.

Thankfully, fixing this issue is fairly simple and does not require assigning the user with access to Authorization Object S_ALV_LAYO (Provides access to change layouts globally, and should never be assigned to End Users).

In order to do so, you will need to assign a parameter to the user's profile. This can be done from within SU01 if you are an administrator, or SU3 if you are the end user. The available parameter values are as follows:

* SD_VARIANT_MAINTAIN "A" - Can be changed throughout the system.
* SD_VARIANT_MAINTAIN "U" - Can be changed at the user level.

For security purposes, users should be locked down to user level changes only.

After saving the changes, the user can log back into the system and run VA05. Now they should have the option to save their layouts.

As you can see in the following image, they will be locked down to User-specific changes only.

There you have it. Like I said in the beginning, this is a fairly quick and easy resolution.
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