June 14, 2013

When launching the NetWeaver Business Client from within SAP, it firsts takes you to a splash screen. This screen shows all of the SAP Roles you have assigned via the cockpit. This isn't always useful, and from my experience can be more of a nuisance as it provides an unnecessary step when wanting to access NWBC. If you're like me, then you'd prefer to not have this splash screen anymore. Like a wide variety of things within SAP, it's not that hard to change if you just know where to look.
Screenshot of the NWBC Splash Screen.

The first thing you will need to do is run transaction SICF. This will let you manage the various services that SAP has available. The service that governs the splash screen is NWBC_LAUNCH.

From the starting screen of SICF, enter "*nwbc_launch" into the Service Name field and hit the Execute button.
SICF starting screen, with NWBC_LAUNCH service selected.

Executing this should bring you to a more detailed screen showing the NWBC_LAUNCH service. In order to remove the splash screen, you will need to right-click on the service and select Deactivate Service.
Screenshot showing the SICF screen after execution. Right-Click on the NWBC_LAUNCH service to deactivate it.

After performing these steps to deactivate NWBC_LAUNCH, you will no longer see the NWBC splash screen when accessing the Netweaver Business Client from within SAP. From now on you will be taken directly into the NWBC application.
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