August 10, 2009

Fired up NetStumbler today while in town. Managed to scan a total of 36 access points during my short trip. Of the 36 access points, 24 were using encryption. Can you guess what type of encryption they all used? Yeah, they were all using WEP. Of those 24 access points that used WEP, 13 were using default SSIDs.

I'm seeing more and more people setting up their APs with WEP as of late. I guess I should be happy that they're actually trying to secure themselves, but I'd really like to see some SSID cloaking. Better yet, some WPA encryption going on.

Nonetheless, driving around with NetStumbler running is always fun. I get to see how popular WiFi is becoming in these rural towns, plus I get to see some very unique SSIDs from time to time.


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